Thursday, September 3, 2009

To get to know a gamer

Most of us geeks are smelly , fat , unkempt and carry low social skills , luckily for warhammer 40k , the price of the hobby usually pushes out those without a job so the status qou is generally atleast employeed ( not always that way with other fantasy games eh )

Myself I am married lived thru 80's metal long hair , turned hippie had a kid and I hold down 2 jobs , 1 working for a Canadian telcom company ( lets not name names here ) and I also manage a small building in the heart of New westminster, BC .

I have spent my life working jobs as I have no direction for a career as of yet , however I find I am a true hobbyist , I enjoy modeling, painting , gaming, writing , guitar , video games ( a few) and spendign time with my family.

I used to sell thing that were illegal and I have been clean and sober from a faster life style for almost a decade , not your typical geek .

On a short rant the Gamers/geeks I have found in BC seem to be of 2 classess, the first the ones I sepnd little time with being the ones that have no life outside of 40k,or d&d or whatever game comes to mind .

the second the gamers I know and love are the ones that are weekend warriors , married , have lives work hard and use gaming as their downtime .

I have ambition now to move from just workign a job or 2 and being a hobbyist to also being healthy, in 2 weeks time I plan on starting the p90x workout videos and getting myself to 6 pack by my 30th birthday in january .... thats right a geek with a 6 pack , this should confuse my wife and women everywhere else quite a bit as we are supposed to be full of mountain dew and cheetos at all times.

if you follow this blog I will post results to ensure that my transformation is seen by the public eye, and if I fail I can be shamed by the public which should motivate me to continue when the going gets tough ....

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