Monday, August 23, 2010

lots of WIPS

most of my work is posted to Throne of skulls ,

 you can find many more updates


lots done and much more to go

quite a few months since my last post , a few great things have happened,  many more models have worked there way into my collection , as such my undivided chaos army  has doubled , my gaming space has been revamped to actually have a few games here and there .

 on august 8th I aprtook in the worldwide war of the 8th and spilt blood in Khorne's name , 202 skulls collected , otherwise gaming has been week due to summer trips and obligations .

currently I am working on a demon contest entry at throne of skulls, here is a wip pic before the painting starts.

trying to make him as Khornate as possible. many more updates to come as long as I remember to sign in

cheers and BFTBG