Saturday, June 16, 2012

On the way to Europe

In just 20 days I will be off to amsterdamn, Germany, poland and greece  backpacking the european country side , willl update upon return

Monday, August 23, 2010

lots of WIPS

most of my work is posted to Throne of skulls ,

 you can find many more updates


lots done and much more to go

quite a few months since my last post , a few great things have happened,  many more models have worked there way into my collection , as such my undivided chaos army  has doubled , my gaming space has been revamped to actually have a few games here and there .

 on august 8th I aprtook in the worldwide war of the 8th and spilt blood in Khorne's name , 202 skulls collected , otherwise gaming has been week due to summer trips and obligations .

currently I am working on a demon contest entry at throne of skulls, here is a wip pic before the painting starts.

trying to make him as Khornate as possible. many more updates to come as long as I remember to sign in

cheers and BFTBG

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Anngrath gets finsihsed

small updates formt he workbecnh .
 Angraath id DONE !
bloody wonderful model as seen here ...

this was a lot of fun to finish and turned out rather nice .
 In his first appearance against ultramarines he slew everything he faced and only suffered 2 wounds , a quick batrep can be found here :

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Building a unique Brass Scorpion

a lot have project crossed my table the last few months but only 2 have I been excited about , the blood thirster was swell , however nothing beats a big ol' demonic machine rampaging thru enemy lines .

I have built a brass scorpion following gw instructions that I am happy with and I figured short of spending a lot of money on  the greater brass scorpion I needed somthing unique .

Eneter the Soul scorpion .

required parts are basic and the conversion level is easy for even someone new to the hobby
 you will need
a defiler kit
a brass scorpion kit
a gw wall set with  an autocannon interceptor gun
a small peice of 1" pipe
modeling chain
Bitz order Khorne symbols ( or brass symbols from FW )
regular modeling tools and bandaids ( these bigger projects always require bandaids)

to start build up the center peice for both kits , for the brass scorpion the only thing you have to do is file off the bulge on the back of the kit  to make it flush . for the defiler , fiel the back to flush and remove both of the arm claw ports , again filig down to smooth ,  attach the mid body chassy to the top of a peice of 1' pipe ( this can be wahtever height you want ) and place one of the detached claw bits  at the top ( thus creating the hold for your soon to be ginormous tail cannon.

Step 2
attach both the fornt and back peices ened to end and ensure it sets fully ( i would recommend green stuff  or even reinforcing it with some extra bits you have about as this is the waekest link in the model )
let this dry fully because once the tail is attached it gets pretty heavy !

Step 3
Now that the body is drying it is time to break out the interceptor gun and one arm , place most of it together and esnure to cut a straight line down to the thumb claw on the defiler arm , then attach the base of the interceptor gun so it is mostly flush ( dont worry about holes thats what filler is for ! )

easy peasy so far right ?  now attach the gun as per intructions from the kit afind wall filler green stuff whatever is your fancy and fill in your hole behind the base of the interceptor gun ( I used quickpatch for drywall)   finish off by attaching the arm plates to the defiler arm  and use the demonic face plate for the battlecannon as a top plate for the interceptor guns

with the tail cannon comlete it is just small bits to finish us off on the back of the model , take the 2 rear exhaust bits from each kit and place them where you cut of the front claws behind the tail this covers up the last bit of cutting , fnd some guitar strinf or metallic cord and connect the mid section of the defiler to the base of the rear tail tower , lastly get out the modelling chain and rap it around to hide any imperfectiosn you may have . on the copper pipe take your khorne symbols and bend them into shape to wrap around and create a decent symbol ( hence why metal is recommened as you can bang them into shape on another peice of pipe.

add your finsihsing touches and build the legs ( follow your instructions) , I went for all legs to create the look of 2 claws ( trather than four , but hey it's your model)  and add whatever bits you can find lying about to make him look really evil !  this should get you into a ready go place and you should have this :

in comparision to the regular buil it is much more imposing and has a more demonic look for somthing that is supposed to rend imperials limb from limb
 a comparision shot

Hope this helps to inspire modellers out there to take a great super heavy and make it even better

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Decemeber is always busy

sometimes I wonder where the time goes , here we are in winter with barley anytime left to get gifts for christmas and I still have a list an armlength long ,

 on the good side the greater demon is coming along nicley and I have managed to get my secret santa gift delviered to the ruler of the the throne of skulls .

the secret sanata gift was made with the aobr commander and a few bits lying about , made for a fancy Skull champion

and lastly giving the weather I thoguth a winter table for the next few games woudl be suiting

Thats it for this week , I will try to post weekly with blurbs and updates of modelling and life in general

BloodLawz out

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

MY best buddy's little Guy

Yes the boy is possessed by Khorne in this picture , man is he cute ( even if he does look like he cold swallow your soul)
I am really excited to watch little Aaron grow up and proud to be Bryan and Danw's friend , they made one cute baby !
I hope to catch little Aaron looking evil from time to time and I will be sure to post it here .